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But what is it, exactly? The ancient Greeks considered fire one of the major elements in the universe, alongside water, earth and air. This grouping makes intuitive sense: You can feel fire, just like you can feel earth, water and air.
Fire Definition of Fire by Merriam-Webster.
3: a controlled occurrence of fire created by burning something such as wood or gas in a special area such as in a fireplace or stove We warmed our hands over the fire. She built a fire in the fireplace.
Fire Wikipedia.
Restoration after fire damage can be performed by property management teams, building maintenance personnel, or by the homeowners themselves; however, contacting a certified professional fire damage restoration specialist is often regarded as the safest way to restore fire damaged property due to their training and extensive experience.
FIRE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
We put up our tents and made a small fire. If something is on fire, it is burning when it should not be.: If your home was on fire and you could save only one thing, what would it be?
Inferno-fanning winds set to return as Thomas Fire close to becoming largest ever in California.
The largest fire in recorded state history is 2003's' Cedar fire, which burned 273246, acres in San Diego County, killed 15 people and destroyed over 2800, structures. Brown said Monday that he expects the Thomas Fire to grow larger than that fire.

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