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I Learned How To Dance In 30 Days YouTube.
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The SNDO has organized a number of conferences and workshops: Conversations on Choreography March 1999, Bodies of Influence June 1996, The Connected Body August 1994, The Absent Body 2008, The Diva Body 2009, Body Spirit 2010, Social Choreography 2011, On Consent in Dance and Performance 2018 and Activism, Art And Education A Week With Angela Davis 2018.
Dance Throughout History YouTube.
Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva: Dance.
The expertise she gained there is the basis for her Somatic Belly Dance lessons, a combination of belly dance, FloorWork and ActiveBreath. Aina's' approach helps the students to discover their personal strengths, to act freely within the rules of dance, and to develop their own style.
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